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Astral Projection

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Astral projection (out of body experiences, astral plane, astral travel) should not be entered into lightly!

Astral Projection is a subject that can and will change your life! 


For those who are skeptical of the Hereafter, Life after death, God, Jesus Christ, Spirits, Our creator, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, you will find out the truth through astral projection.

Editors Note:  It’s amazing how atheist can tell you without a doubt that there is no God.  But contrary to their belief they have no definitive answer to how everything evolved from nothing.  As an example, I heard a Dr. of dentistry that has been astral projecting for many years tell listeners over a radio station that he has never seen God therefor he doesn’t exist.  The host asked him; how did everything on earth happen?  His highly intelligent response was, well, there was one big thought…


Astral Projection vs Lucid Dreaming

There is a distinction between astral projection and lucid dreaming, it is essential to recognize the difference between them.

Astral projection or astral travel is an interpretation of out-of-body experience (O.B.E.) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside of it. Astral projection or astral travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in the astral plane.

Lucid dream A lucid dream is virtually any dream that you are aware that you are dreaming.

Let’ us comparison  astral projection and lucid dreaming in order to ensure that you will recognize how particularly distinct both of these experiences can be.

Lucid dreaming develops when your brain recognizes that you are dreaming.  As rapidly as you become lucid as part of your dream state, you can actually control just about every dream persona. You’re fundamentally restricted to your own creativeness. Astral projection, manifest the instant your own conscious spirit disengages away from your entire body and enters into a realm referred to as astral plane.

Beginning Right now, You’ll Be Able to Eliminate All of Your Astral Projection Worries, Conquer Virtually all Limitations, and Achieve the Most Fascinating and Engaging Journeys You Will Ever Have – Your Out-Of-Body Miraculous experience!

If you’ve been seriously attempting to accomplish Astral Projection and yet have been unsuccessful and have failed miserably, we have discovered techniques that will enable you to experience out of body encounters.

You’ll be able to eliminate all of your astral projection anxieties, conquer all road blocks and you will begin on the greatest exhilarating and fascination journeys you will ever have in your lifetime.


The following complete Astral Projection Course below is the most powerful and comprehensive resource Product Rating and has come across till date, by far.


 It is full of information and techniques on Out-of-body-experiences, from basic to advanced.

The Pros and Cons to Astro Projection are  listed at the bottom of this page.


This Astral Projection Course is divided into 3 packages to suit your needs…Product rating and reviews synopsis1 Astral Projection


The following is what is included in this comprehensive course:

Astral Projection Underground – Basic Package

Astral Projection Underground – Advanced Package

Astral Projection Underground – Lucid Dreaming Package

Module 1 – 18-Part Astral Projection Audio Course

The quality of these recording is exceptional!

Module 1 total playing time, over 3 hours. contains:

  • Introduction
  • 18 part audio course image Astral ProjectionPart 1:    Basics of Astral Projection
  • Part 2:    Benefits of Astral Projection
  • Part 3:    Astral Projection Myths
  • Part 4:    False Evidence Appearing Real
  • Part 5:    Initial Preparation
  • Part 6:    Relax Your Body / Silence Your Mind
  • Part 7:    Projection Techniques
  • Part 8:    Pre-Projection Sensations
  • Part 9:    6 Possible Roadblocks
  • Part 10:  You Are Out! Post-Projection Basics
  • Part 11:  The Astral Plane – An Introduction
  • Part 12: The Astral Plane And It’s Inhabitants
  • Part 13:    The World Is Yours! What You Can Do In The Astral
  • Part 14:    The Pleasures Of Flying
  • Part 15:    Getting Back To Your Body
  • Part 16:    Remembering Your Experiences
  • Part 17:    Some Astral Projection Tips
  • Part 18:    Other Psychic Experiences

Just enter your name2 Astral Projection


To complement the Audio Course, they have also included an eBook version of all the 18 Audios.

This book contains 127 pages of content, and is exactly the same as the audio, but in the text format. So if you are the one who likes to read, this is for you!


Module 2 – 4 Special Astral Projection Video Reports + Transcripts

Audio image of natural sounds 300x141 Astral Projection

This module contains interesting Video Reports on 4 Astral Projection topics.

You will get not only the videos, but also their transcripts!

  • Video Report 1: Amazing Space Travel
  • Video Report 2: Astral Sex
  • Video Report 3: Astral Traveling Speeds
  • Video Report 4: 12 Exercises For Super Concentration

The duration of each audio is approximately 1 Hour.



Guided relaxation image 300x228 Astral Projection


Module 4 – Guided Relaxation Audio

This following is the classic Progressive Relaxation method where each
part of your body is relaxed one by one.
The person guiding you on the audio is a very successful hypnotist
and her soothing voice will relax the tiniest of the cells in your body.

They have also added a soothing rain-drops sounds in the background.



Module 5 (Advanced) – 14 Binaural Beats for Astral Projection

All these beats will take you into a deep trance, relax you completely,
and help you in unlocking the doors to your sub-conscious mind.

The Beta Brainwave package contains 4 Binaural Beats

Image for Binaural beats 300x159 Astral Projection

- Beta Binaural – Volume 1 (18 Minutes)
- Beta Binaural – Volume 2 (10 Minutes)
- Beta Binaural – Volume 3 (17 Minutes)
- Beta Binaural – Volume 4 (30 Minutes)

The Alpha Brainwave package contains 2 Binaural Beats
- Alpha Binaural – Volume 1 (30 Minutes)
- Alpha Binaural – Volume 2 (30 Minutes)

The Theta Brainwave package contains 6 Binaural Beats
Theta Binaural – Volume 1 (15 Minutes)
- Theta Binaural – Volume 2 (15 Minutes)
- Theta Binaural – Volume 3 (15 Minutes)
- Theta Binaural – Volume 4 (15 Minutes)
- Theta Binaural – Volume 5 (15 Minutes)
- Theta Binaural – Volume 6 (15 Minutes)

The Delta Brainwave package contains 2 Binaural Beats
- Delta Binaural – Volume 1 (30 Minutes)
- Delta Binaural – Volume 2 (30 Minutes)

Image Report on binaural beats 276x300 Astral Projection

Module 6 – The Magic Of Binaural Beats – Special Report

This special report explains, in-depth, what Binaural beats are, and how can they benefit you.

Some of the topics covered in this report are:

Introduction To Binaural Beats
How Do Binaural Beats Work
The 5 Brainwave States
How To Listen To Binaural Beats
What Are The Benefits Of Binaural Beats
Binaural Beats And Learning
Binaural Beats And Success
Binaural Beats And Peace

Practical Usage Of Binaural Beats

Module 7 – 4 Advanced Astral Video Reports + Transcript

Image Astral video reports 300x148 Astral Projection

This module contains interesting Video Reports on 4 Advanced Astral Projection topics which includes transcripts.


  • Video 1: Psychic Protection
  • Video 2: Accessing The Akashic Records
  • Video 3: Astral Projection And Morals
  • Video 4: Understanding The Silver Cord



Module 8 – 20 Astral Projection Audio Articles + Transcripts
Image Astral audio reports Astral Projection

These audios will further clarify your Astral projection concepts, and will also offer a few interesting tips on the subject.Module 8 – 20 Astral Projection Audio Articles + Transcripts

These audios will reinforce whatever you already know about Astral Projection.

Along with these 20 audios, you also get their corresponding 20 transcripts that can be printed out and filed.





Image Astral projection exercises Astral Projection


Module 9 – 15 Additional Astral Projection Exercises
The Blue Wave TechniqueYou will learn about:

  • The Fixed Point Technique
  • The Astral Door Technique
  • The Oversleeping Technique
  • Melting Butter Technique
  • The Gravitational Pull Technique



Module 10 – 6 “Natural Sounds” Relaxation Audios – Part II

Image Audio of Natural Sounds 300x129 Astral Projection

In Module 3, you have 6 “Natural Sounds” Relaxation Audios.

Here you get 6 “Natural Sounds” Relaxation Audios – Part II.

- Relaxation Audio 1: Babbling Brook
- Relaxation Audio 2: Tropical Beach At Sunset
- Relaxation Audio 3: Lazy Summer Day
- Relaxation Audio 4: Hot Jungle Day
- Relaxation Audio 5: Tranquil Waterfall
- Relaxation Audio 6: Log Cabin Fire


Module 11 – The Magic Alarm Software

Image Alarm Software 300x150 Astral Projection

 Module 12 – Special Report – Lucid Dreaming Fun

Here are the topics covered:

Image Book cover Lucid Fun Astral Projection

  • Lucid Dreaming Basics
  • Preparing For A Lucid Dream
  • Increasing Dream Recall
  • Dream Journaling
  • Recognizing Dreams
  • Reaching Lucidity With Binaural Beats
  • Lucid Dreaming Tips And Techniques
  • Controlling Your Dreams
  • Flying In Your Dreams
  • Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming
  • Other Things You Can Do In A Lucid Dream


Image Binaural Beats CDs Astral Projection


Module 13 – 10 Binaural Beats + 3 Advanced Binaural Beats

This package will give you a total of 13 Binaural Beats
specially designed to help you achieve lucid dreams each 30 minutes.






Image video reports 300x129 Astral Projection


Module 14 – 3 Lucid Dreaming Video Reports + Transcripts

This module contains 3 interesting video reports on Lucid Dreaming.

You will not only get the videos, but also their transcripts.

Video 1: 11 Lucid Dreaming Flying Techniques
Video 2: 14 Reality Checks For Lucid Dreams
Video 3: 12 Habits Of Successful Lucid Dreamers


Image lucid dreaming transcripts Astral Projection


Module 15 – 20 Lucid Dreaming Audio Articles + Transcripts

Along with these 20 audios, you also get their corresponding 20 transcriptsTo make this package more power-packed, I have included 20 Audios on Lucid Dreaming.
These audios will give you lots of extra lucid dreaming tips and techniques.
You are sure to learn something new from each audio.

Along with these 20 audios, you also get their corresponding 20 transcripts..



Image Real Life Astro Projection Astral Projection

Bonus# 1 » 50+ Real-Life Astral Projection Experiences

This is a collection of 50+ real-life Astral Projection experiences.

Reading these experiences would teach you a lot about the Astral world.

You will also realize that in order to succeed at Astral Projection,

you need not have any special background, skills or talents.
Common people just like you and me can experience it.
And since different people perceive things in different ways,
these experiences will allow you to understand Astral projection from various different angles/perspectives.
Moreover, their experiences will give you a reference point during your own Astral journeys. This book has 87 Pages.




Image Astral Projections answered 300x149 Astral Projection

Bonus# 2 » 240 Astral Projection Questions Answered

After removing all the similar / duplicate questions,

I was still left with 240 questions – These are all real questions, asked by real people!

You can now see these questions as well as my replies in a series of 5 videos.
These videos, combined, are 2 hours long.
These are very informative videos and they will answer many of your own Astral Projection questions too!
Along with the videos you also get a 100 pages transcript!


Bonus# 3 » Self Development Books


  • Say Good-bye To Stress Forever (94 Pages)Image Guaranteed 300x93 Astral Projection
  • Anxiety-Busting Secrets (128 Pages)
  • Definitive Guide To Beating Stress (95 Pg)
  • Laser-Focused Concentration (134 Pages)
  • You Are A Diamond -
    Powerful Secrets To Boost Your Self-Esteem (110 Pages
  • Supercharge Your Self-Confidence (87 Pg)
  • Anger Management (93 Pages)
  • Self Development Power Secrets (76 Pages)
  • 100 Success Secrets (83 Pages)
  • Sleep Magic – Sleeping Soundly…Naturally (112 Pages)
  • Secrets Of Peaceful Sleep Unraveled (112 Pages)
  • Creating Your Own Reality (131 Pages)
  • Magnetic Thoughts (97 Pages)

Bonus# 4 » 9 Tips To Recall Your Astral Experiences

If you want to have any success with Astral Projection, it is very important that you start maintaining a dream journal.
This may sound silly and childish, but it is not.Image 9 Tips to astro project Astral Projection

You can have great Astral travel experiences…
But what is the use if you forget them all once you are back in your body?

“9 Tips To Recall Your Astral Experiences” is a short,
but very important video that gives you 9 Tips on how to Recall your dreams.
You also get a transcript for this video.

Make sure you start practicing everything given in this report from tonight itself.


Bonus# 5 » Dream Journal Template for 1,000 Days

As I have mentioned above, in order to succeed at Astral Projection it is non-negotiable that you maintain a dream journal. But many people have written to me and asked me how should their dream journals look like.

So, I have prepared a special dream journal that contains all important dream elements that you should record. This journal can be used to record your dreams/astral experiences for 1000 Days!

It will allow you to record the following:

  • - DateImage 60 day Guaranteed Astral Projection
  • - Dream Title
  • - Dream Category
  • - Dream Keywords
  • - Dream Characters
  • - Emotional State
  • - Is The Dream Special?
  • - Lucidity Level
  • - Additional Note

The Pros and Cons of Astral Projection:


You can learn much about yourself and others.

You can meet Jesus, your guardian angels and spirit guides.

You can travel through space with just a thought.

You can visit the Akashic hall of records.

You can visit your deceased loved ones and friends.

You can prove to yourself that only our physical body dies.

You can…the pros are endless…



Without asking for help from your guardian angels, we can leave our spirit open to negative influences.

If you have been living a life in sin and feel that your sole is doomed, Astral Projection may not be a good idea, but then again it may change the way you think.


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  1. Astral Projection is a subject that can and will change your life! I have experienced astro projection 28 times and counting.
    For those who are skeptical of the Hereafter, Life after death, God, Jesus Christ, Spirits, Our creator, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, you will find out the truth through astral projection.
    Your course made all the difference… It really worked for me!!!
    In my opinion, the astro projection course that you offer, is priced far to low.
    Thank you so much,

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